Sputnik - Worldy Caffè
SPUTNIK is an ode to travellers. To those on their way from the city to the sea. To those on the way from the countryside to a meeting. To those escaping from asphalt to the woods. To guests from far-away countries and adventurers from a neighbouring block. On their behalf, SPUTNIK mixes recipes, delicacies and approaches into a fine blend of the good, the beautiful and the friendly. The music, of course, is an important dimension. It charmingly hums golden fifties and sixties’ melodies, echoes of grand voices and thus fires your imagination, memories and emotions. It draws the streets of big cities, invites you to Rio, Fifth Avenue, between Jupiter and Mars, and – naturally – to the Shoemakers' Bridge.

SPUTNIK is parked on the outskirts of the city.
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